Global Operation

                                        In order to provide direct and prompt service to our customers, Cyntec has established factories in Hsinchu - Taiwan, and Suzhou – Mainland China, enabling the company to meet and exceed the customers’ delivery requirements. Cyntec’s global sales network, Integrated SAP/ERP system and Hub operation ensure our customers a great service of unmatched quality.
                                        At the dawn of the new era, Cyntec is committed to pursuing new and creative technologies in developing state-of-the-art products and solutions with a higher degree of quality and reliability. Also, we are determined to keep one step ahead of the market by providing the best products with the highest quality and the best service.
                                        Cyntec Headquarter (Taiwan)
                                        Tel: +886-3-579-9829
                                        Fax: +886-3-579-9827
                                        Address: 2 R&D 2nd road, Science-Based Industrial park, Hsinchu 30076,Taiwan,R.O.C
                                        Cyntec Electronics (SuZhou) Co., Ltd - Huateng Factory
                                        Tel: +86-512-6340-2200
                                        Fax: +86-512-6340-2025
                                        Address: No. 688 Xiuhu West Road Wujiang Yundong Economic Development Zone , Songling Town ,Wujiang City ,Jiangsu Province, P.R.C
                                        Cyntec Electronics (SuZhou) Co., Ltd - Huafeng Factory
                                        Tel: +86-512-6331-6868
                                        Fax: +86-512-6331-6869
                                        Address: No. 168 Jishi East Road, Wujiang Economic Development Zone, Wujiang City, JiangSu Province, P.R.C